General Eye conditions

The eye is a delicate organ and is subject to a variety of conditions.

When researching treatment options, be sure to choose an eye doctor who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with your condition. Some of the common eye conditions we treat are listed here. 

Dry Eyes

There are countless things that can cause dry eyes. Including everything from:

  • air conditioning
  • changes associated with menopause
  • side effects of certain medications.

In most cases the treatment is simple, the application of products replace the missing fluid. But before that, it’s important that you have your eyes examined to ensure that the dry eyes aren’t a symptom of something more serious. 

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common eye conditions

We help with a number of common eye conditions

Flashers and floaters

It’s common to see faint objects resembling dots, lines, cobwebs or bits of seaweed floating in front of your eyes.  They are referred to as floaters.

Sometimes you may even experience intermittent flashing lights for several moments. These symptoms may be a sign of posterior vitreous separation.

Anyone with the onset of new or changed floaters, especially if accompanied by flashing light, should have a thorough retinal check.

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Red eyes can be due to many causes, including infective or allergic. Conjunctivitis is a form of external inflammation in the eye which is often due to a viral infection. A swab of the conjunctiva can help with the diagnosis and treatment.

There are two main types of conjunctivitis. Bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by a bacterial infection in the eye. Viral conjunctivitis is caused by the same virus that causes colds and will usually be accompanied by common cold symptoms.

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Glaucoma affects 3-4% of the population over the age of 50 and increases in incidence with age. It often does not cause any symptoms. The most common form of glaucoma is chronic and without symptoms in the early stages when it is easiest to treat.

Periodic eye checks are recommended in older adults to screen for this condition.

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Apart from aging, certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, certain vaccinations, especially steroids and radiation can give rise to cataract. It may occur in both eyes together or there can be asymmetry with the involvement of one eye at a time.

Initially, the cataract can be mild and have only a subtle effect on vision.

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Other common eye conditions

Other general eye conditions our clinic can assist with include

  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism


We pride ourselves in high level of patient care, aiming to provide each patient with individualised attention from your first consultation and well beyond your eye surgery recovery.


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Located conveniently in the centre of Ashfield (opposite the Holden Street entrance to Ashfield Mall), the clinic is only 5 minutes from the train station.

Ground Floor, 2 Holden St
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Ashfield Eye Clinic is a well-established laser eye surgery practice in Sydney's Inner West suburb, and conveniently accessible from Sydney CBD by train.


Located conveniently in the centre of Ashfield (opposite the Holden Street entrance to Ashfield Mall), the clinic is only 5 minutes from the train station.

Ground Floor, 2 Holden St,
Ashfield, Sydney, NSW 2131


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