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The ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser: 
The Latest & Finest in LASIK Engineering from Germany

Dr Barry Den - and the venue at which he operates, Sydney Eye Specialist Centre - use the very latest technology in LASIK procedures.

The ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser represents the finest in German ophthalmic equipment and engineering. Its very rapid 200Hz pulse ablation (cutting) frequency and 330Hz high-speed eye tracking make for a quicker, smoother procedure, with more even energy distribution across the eye than with older technologies.

ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser

One of the fastest eye trackers in existence, it can catch even the most rapid of eye movements and ensures safe and highly precise treatment during surgery. This eliminates the necessity for the type of suction-and-fixation equipment that is part of other laser systems and can put strain on the eye.

Additionally, the 0.88-millimetre central scanning spot with Gaussean beam profile (bell-shaped curve) ensures smooth edges to the ablation (where the corneal flap is cut). This means the cut tapers off more gradually than with older lasers. The ultra-smooth profile results in a sharper focus in the treated eye.

ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser

The new ESIRIS laser can correct more complex abnormalities in eye shape than earlier iterations of the technology. The ESIRIS allows for more highly customised ablation allowing, for example, the treatment of eyes featuring large corneas or mathematically difficult correction.

The wavefront and aberrometry mapping features of this new technology allow for the detection of the irregularity of the eye in question and the "intelligent" laser compensates for the uniqueness of the irregularity during treatment.

ESIRIS Scanning Spot Excimer Laser

However, despite even the most advanced technology, the most critical ingredient in the surgical experience remains the surgeon him or herself.

The surgeon's surgical skills, communication skills, experience and judgment, along with the quality and proficiency of his or her theatre team, are of even greater importance yet than the technology.

Dr Barry Den is recognised not only for his commitment to the use of the latest and most refined LASIK / LASEK technology, but also for his surgical skills and the importance he places on the patient-surgeon relationship.